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How To Create A Customized Wallpaper with PerfectTheme

Ayesha Farooq

Your home, office or your business place is a true reflection of your personal taste. Wall-covering plays an important role in creating a peculiar style in your place. Add a charm in your home’s overall atmosphere. Wallpaper comes in a different colors, designs, and materials which suit variety of places. Creating your own wallpaper, however, is an incredible way to include exclusive touch. The process of customizing wallpaper is quite simple and cost-effective and by following some steps you can ensure that the custom wallpaper you have picked will be perfect for your place.

Selecting image is a major step of customizing wallpaper. There are a few rules which need to be followed for picking a perfect image. Select a custom design or photograph or other image that you own or purchase the license from a stock-photo site. It’s highly important for the better image on custom wallpaper. You may also use any image that is available on any public domain but  comes with good quality and should be high res.  

One important consideration! Pick an image with high pixels. If an image size is too small, then the finished product will not look like that it should. So, its highly recommended that image files come out to at least 50-75 ppi when they are scaled up to the print scale. Like, if you have a wall height is 8 feet, for that, this would require an image with a height of at least 4800 pixels. Always prefer to save image file in JPG version. Keep in mind that customization does not require fabricating a design from scratch. For some, it means seeing a pattern that you like on another wallpaper range but wanting it to be printed in a different color.

If you have an image for that you need to be resized or needs retouching on pattern. Simply come to us, we have professionals in contacts those will better assist you in creating the wallpaper of your dreams. 


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