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Breathtaking Photo Murals For Exotic and Ecological Look of Walls

Ayesha Farooq

If you are nature lover but the busy city life does not let you enjoy the beauty of nature. You do not have time for walking through the forest or observing the flowing stream or just stuck in dark office room all day long. No worries; these mural wall coverings bring freshness in your life through stunning outdoors feel that mesmerizes everyone. They are available in many shades like green, blue and brown. Gaze through at the green grass or the bamboo shoots, blue beaches, snowy mountains you will forget the worries of life, and relax your mind. Amazing sunrise, seaside, and the cloudy sky city life art all are beautiful on their own. 

These wall murals will offer breathtaking views of nature's most spectacular wonders. Give your interior decor a natural and fresh feel with Natural, Landscape and Artistic Wall Murals. This collection of wall murals will satisfy all your taste of décor and will give a perfect feel for escape in great outdoors.

These all priced 15000/- Rs. per each Photo Mural. 

Non-woven elephant wall mural

For national geographic inspired or animal lover this African elephant mural will give perfect look to your room and reflect your taste well. 

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Photomural-White Horses

Galloping over the frothy white surf – wild horses symbolize energy and freedom. Bring a power in soul and sense of freedom inside. It’s a perfect pick for your formal areas or living room or you can install it behind media wall.



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Photomural- Seaside

Facing the horizon is the best ever experience. If you are seeking a refreshing look, this turquoise blue sea mural creates a magnificent beach atmosphere in your room.  

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Sailing Photomural

Schooners set sail off the coast of Portland. O yes; river & waterfall photo murals are the perfect choice to enhance a bathroom.

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 Photomural-Torres del Paine

For smaller and darker rooms, our mountain wall murals will bring depth and brightness to your space. These last rays of the setting sun cast a warm glow over the tips of Chile's Cordillera del Paine perfectly soothe your soul and mind.

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Urban Jungle

This urban jungle mural will give an ecologic touch to your rooms. More than just a metropolis the shadows of flowers are artistically combined with an urban skyline to create an exotic touch to your rooms.

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Times Square

Bring all the hassle and bustle of life on your walls. Give a vibrant and energetic feel to your space by installing this flashing neon signs and oversize tickers with a view of Times Square, Manhattan's heart beats in your own four walls – day and night.

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