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6 Functional Designing Ideas For Limited Space

Ayesha Farooq

Decorating your home can be an overwhelming task with the literally endless options. If you find functional designing ideas before starting your designing project that will also makes it so much fun. Rather leaving you fatigue out in the middle of whole plan. 

Think like savvy with storage

When it comes to small spaces, smart storage is a key. Whether it's buying some smart furniture or installing cubbies beneath the bed or stairways. Just make sure you're thinking resourcefully with storage space.

 Play with Shapes

Why only designer can think differently, you can also do play with different shapes and styles. The home doesn't have a large space for a rectangular table, so the homeowners can opt a circular Saarinen table instead or whatever shape fits perfectly in the space and can still seat up to six guests.

Let the Eye Travel

Glass, acrylic could be your best friends when decorating for a small space. Not only they do fit with a variety of styles, but they let the eye travel through their clear and reflective surfaces.

Create Multi-functional Space

When space is small or limited, it's important to arrange your area for multi-functional purposes. The finished basement above has a couch that can be used to watch TV, under stairways use as book shelves and behind chest serve to store things and more of this thanks to the idea of pull-out bed inside is a one must item.

Play with Reflections

A mirrored wall is definitely adds a spacious look and a great way to give openness to small space. The reflective surface creates a visual illusion of having double up the space than is actually there.

Use Every Nook

A small home allows for no waste of space, so be sure to make good use of every corner. You can find every nook to be a good spot for a coffee table, any easy chairs and a mini banquette.


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