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5 Important Things Should Know Before Installing Wallpaper

Ayesha Farooq

                          5 Facts You Should Know Before Installing Wallpaper


Wallpaper can make a lovely addition to your home or workplace. But like any home improvement project, preparation is the key. Here are 5 important factors you should keep in mind when going to install wallpaper in order to ensure flawless application.

Prepare Your Walls

If wallpaper is art, then your walls are the canvas. First step for preparing your walls for wallpaper application is your walls should clean.  If your wall isn’t clean properly, then catastrophic impact on the final result. This means that walls must be both flat and clean. After cleaning, rinse the walls with fresh water or with soft we cloth. At that time you hang your paper, make sure that your walls are completely dry.


Inspect Product Prior to Application

Your wallpaper should be the sized and in pattern that you ordered, and the length will be what you requested. Still, mistakes do happen, and wallpaper may occasionally have flaws when sent from the manufacturer. Therefore, before you cut and/or hang your paper, make sure that it is correct in size and pattern that you have ordered. But with most reputable wallpaper dealers, you can get well sized. offers best services in this regard.


 Specific Wallpaper Requires Specific Pasting Glue

Your wallpaper will not look its best if it not holds properly on wall.  Make it possible with use of the right adhesive. Adhesive varies, depending on the paper you have selected. This is especially true in case of using paper, vinyl, or natural wall coverings product. Ask your vendor for right adhesive advice, or check the label on your wallpaper.

Get Extra Paper The First Time Around

You must have additional paper with you it helps in case of mistakes or incorrect measurements. Having an extra roll on hand is always a good idea when possible. Keep in mind that wallpapers inventory changes frequently, so it is best to order extra right when you order. In case of no more availability of any wallpaper roll, could leave you in situation where you have to re-paper an entire room simply because one small part of it needed

Right Tools Make All the Difference

As with any home improvement project, your tools can either simplify or complicate application process. For example, you should never re-use your razor blades. For wallpaper installment, wallpaper sweep can be a real lifesaver. It is cheap and can be found at any hardware store. It is a better option than a brush, and can also help eliminate bubbles.




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