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10 incredible Tips to Make Your Vinyl Flooring Long Lasting

Ayesha Farooq

Vinyl flooring is a great choice of floor covering material for bathrooms and kitchens. The reason for this is because vinyl is waterproof and is really easy to maintain clean and shiny. Moreover, vinyl is inexpensive in comparison of laminated wooden floor, yet it has eye-catching ability and comes with a cushioned staple and as such, it makes the flooring more comfortable to work on.

In addition, with proper cleaning and maintenance, the flooring can look great longer and its unique shine and gleam could last for several years. If you have vinyl flooring at home, then following these tips will surely benefit you in getting ideas to maintain your flooring new and long lasting.

1. Keep abrasive material like dirt or small stones out of home by using doormats.

2. Sweep or vacuum your floor at regular basis or whenever you notice any dirt, dust to avoid scratching as much as possible.

3. Whatever spills food or anything clean it right away otherwise it would leave tough stains.

4.  Always vacuum or use dry mob to remove dirt on floor before moving on wet cleaning process.

5.  When doing deep cleaning add a table spoon of dishwashing soap to vinegar solution as this will help remove dirt fixed to the floor.

6.  Use paste of baking soda to remove food stains that won’t otherwise go away from floor. Baking soda is slightly harsh and quite grainy material and must be removed right after cleaning spots.

7.  Avoid scrubbing to hard though you could remove stains but it will take shine off the floor

8. Avoid moving heavy furniture too frequently as this will scratch the marks on floor.

9.  Don’t use abrasive material like ammonia or bleach to clean vinyl floor.

10. Keep the floor away to getting to wet as this will damage the glue underneath vinyl. Make sure floor is dry after completing cleaning process.

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