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Window Blinds Installation at City Tower

Roller Blinds Installation

Ayesha Farooq

One more satisfied client with successful project. Here we got chance to give a grace to an office with our exclusive window roller blinds..

Roller Blinds Look Clean in Modern Interiors

Roller blinds don’t always sound like the ‘must-have’ accessory; but you would be surprised at just how well the roller blind does when it comes to decorating. They can look not only elegant, but can make your rooms look finished and surprisingly expensive. We all know that a roller blind, in its simplest form, is a rectangular piece of fabric attached to a wooden dowel or metal tube; mounted between two brackets on your window. It uses a either a spring mechanism or chain pulley; rolling the fabric up or down, controlling the amount of light into your home.

Like doors, windows are one of the essential parts of a home; irrespective of their size, style and decor. While draperies add color, warmth and texture to a room, roller blinds can often say more by doing less; discreet and functional. They help to keep your rooms cool and free from dust. And compared to the cost of most window curtains, shutters and other furnishings, they are highly cost effective.

Roller blinds can disappear neatly for maximum light during the day and still provide privacy when drawn. 

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