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Wooden Floor And Wallpaper Installation - Johar Town Lahore

Ayesha Farooq

One more satisfied client with successful project. Here we got chance to give a grace to a home with our exclusive wooden tiles and skin brown colored 3D wallpaper in Johar Town Lahore.

Wallpaper & Wooden Floor

Wallpaper is enjoying a renaissance as a result of new designs, technology and modes of application- yes there is such a thing as peel and stick wallpaper, also known as pre-pasted. While many people assume that wallpaper belongs in a Victorian or other historic home, these days with new modernist and contemporary patterns, designers, homeowners and architects are using wallpaper in a wide diversity of applications. In addition to aesthetics and durability, wallpaper is particularly suited for kitchens and bathrooms where water resistance and easy cleanup are important. 

Wooden floors inside the bedroom provide a certain kind of charm and warmth that we don’t usually see in ordinary types of flooring. Wood is also a good material to maintain the coolness of the room. With wooden flooring as your option, you have more freedom when it comes to designing your interior because wood is a neutral color that will match any kind of fabric and even neutral to strong and vibrant colors.

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